YOUR PERSONAL DATA: Protection and control
(in application with the RGPD regulation applicable since 25/05/2018 in France and in EU)
This page allows you to learn about the different elements in place on our site but also to be able to configure a set of authorizations or refusals regarding the processing of your personal data, in accordance with the RGPD (in force in France and the EU since May 25, 2018).

Collection and processing of personal data
When you register, we store the information you enter in the registration forms to allow you to log in with your chosen password, to assign you a nickname, or to use features such as scheduling appointments, receiving documents or forms following a consultation or surgery.
If you are a non-registered visitor to the site, we do not store any data about you.

Duration of data retention
AEGLE provides the establishment with a tool to communicate and exchange with its patients. It is only in charge of transmitting data (appointments, documents, messages, ...) between a health actor (establishment/practitioner) and a patient.
AEGLE must keep the data for traceability and medical history purposes. Within the framework of the follow-up and the filing of its patient files, the health professional, can be brought to ask for the history of the data and the exchanges which will have taken place via our services, and this during all the legal duration of conservation of the patient files by a practitioner, namely 20 years as from the majority of the patient.
This personal information is communicated exclusively to health establishments, doctors or other health professionals with whom you have a direct and explicit relationship.
They are stored exclusively on the HDS AmiCare server and secondarily on the mobiles hosting the AmiCare application in app form.
AEGLE is a publisher of healthcare IT solutions and is not a healthcare data operator. The company does not trade or manipulate medical data outside the control of the healthcare institution or the patient directly, and does not distribute or sell data for promotional or commercial purposes (metadata, etc.).

Data return and deletion request
In accordance with the RGPD, you have a general right to access, modify, delete and process all personal data collected about you.
Upon explicit request, you may at any time exercise these rights and request the retrieval of all of your data as well as its effective and final deletion by contacting
Your account will then be closed and inaccessible.

Protection and safety
The data is hosted by an HDS (Health Data Hosting) approved provider, ITS INTEGRA, under contract with AEGLE.
All data on the AmiCare platform remains the full property of the medical institutions.

Document storage
We guarantee free access and storage of documents for a minimum of 6 months, starting from the date the document is added to AmiCare.
After this period, these documents are by default kept in a dedicated archive space, for a period of up to 20 years (legal period).
However, there is no guarantee of preservation. The storage space allocated is limited and cannot be expanded without additional cost. We may have to delete certain documents if necessary, the choice being made in order of age of the documents.

Deleting documents
You can request to delete one or more documents from the long-term archive at any time. An option is available allowing you to indicate your wish not to keep your documents as long-term archives. In this case, your documents will be automatically deleted after the 6 months of "classic" storage.
The "Premium" subscription allows access to the long-term archiving space, the documents stored in this way will be visible in the Documents section of your patient space.

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